Prosteel Professional Design - Welded, Machine Parts and Assemblies
Prosteel Professional Design - Welded, Machine Parts and Assemblies


532Prosteel Professional Design was created to offer welding, machining, and prototyping services for a wide array of projects. We are able to address your full gamut of needs with our specialized turn-key solutions.With over 20 years in the industry, the company has accumulated a wide range of tools and professionals in order to provide the highest quality in manufacturing your parts.

  • Material Cost – Through strategically established partnerships, we also have the ability to leverage purchase positioning to offer you the most competitive price available for materials.
  • Expertise In Manufacturing – Low waste and almost 0% failure rate are hallmarks of our production process. What does this mean for you? Low production costs due to optimized workflow.
  • Production Timeline Sensitivity – Prosteel Professional Design takes production deadlines extremely seriously. Our clients enjoy on time and accurate delivery of their projects.
  • Expandability – Prosteel Professional Design is flexible in project scope. Through strategic positioning, we can offer the individual custom, cost-effective, high quality services as well as corporate projects with multi-faceted needs.

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